Nail sponge mill stick (White)


For uneven and bifurcated nail surface, it is especially designed to solve the ripple nail surface.

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  3. For the return of the goods:
    a. If the product itself is flawed, we will carry out flaw identification and update as soon as possible.
    b. After inspection flawless, consumers have to pay the costs incurred.
    c. Consumers who improper use of goods caused by damage, I will not be able to accept the return.
    d. unless its own flaws, must be unopened or unused, that is, the new complete package contains all the accessories, components, instructions, gifts, otherwise I will not be able to accept the return.
    e. If there are gifts, need to be returned together.
  4. The following products, I can not accept the return:
    a. Difficult to judge the loss of goods: equipment
    b. Copyright Products: Books, DVDs and other publications, packaged and unpacked
    c. Clear low-priced auction items or specials
    d. Products specifically ordered by the consumer.
  5. Confirm the return (change) goods, the company’s staff will be based on your payment method and order the type of goods, 15 working days to provide you with the most appropriate refund.
  6. Due to defective goods replacement, shipping costs borne by the company; return, please consumers to return the goods on their own freight.
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  4. If there is a gift, the actual delivery shall prevail, the limited number of the company to retain the right to other gifts instead.
  5. If the order is more than a week or more who do not pay, please re-place your order, where more than a week unpaid orders, orders will be automatically canceled!
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