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Germany in the year 1923. The population has been suffering under a massive inflation for eight years. Whoever starts a business in these difficult times needs loads of courage. Brothers Ernst and Friedrich Nippes had this kind of courage when starting their steel goods production in the city of Solingen. The brothers started their business in an old cottage in Widdert, the traditional grinder’s workshops of the “Bergische Land” and emphasised “Solingen quality” from day one – the traditional handcraft that to this day is the famous trademark for steel goods from Solingen. Brothers Nippes GmbH & Co. KG as a “factory for fine steel goods” stands for high quality manicure- and pedicure instruments. Highest quality, made for a lifetime.

1993  Markus Nippes joins the company in the third generation of the Nippes family business

1998  The company celebrates its 75th anniversary

2002 Horst Nippes hands over the management to his son Markus

2005 Conversion and refurbishment of the premises

For us, tradition is more than a word – it is a source of pride: for more than 90 years, Nippes has been making topclass scissors to be proud of according to traditional artisan methods.
The business was founded in 1923 by the cutler Ernst und Friedrich Nippes in Solingen. The quality of the scissors is so good that just a few years later Nippes is supplying thousands of businesses all over the world, becoming one of the leading enterprises in the technology of scissor manufacturing and patenting several worldwide innovations. To this day the business is still run by its owner, and numerous of the more than 60 members of staff have been working for us
for many years.
Out of choice we manufacture our products using a high percentage of traditional handicraft, supported by state-ofthe-art precision tools. The result: a harmonious design and optimum functionality which guarantee that our products will last for a very long time.
Our products are made exclusively in Germany. From the development of the products right through to their dispatch, all the steps of the process are carried out beneath one roof, and all the materials that we use are recycled. As a family-owned business we have close ties to the region. We are sustaining one of the few remaining medium size manufacturing companies and we offer jobs and training opportunities.

There is no tool which is as sensitive and versatile as the human hand — and it can’t be replaced by even the best precision machine. Manu factum means made by hand — and we make our tools by hand out of firm conviction, ever since our company was established more than 90 years ago.
Each work piece passes through several pairs of patient hands which bestow on it the quality and perfect finish that are the Nippes hallmark. lt takes a wealth of experience and skills to position a scissor blade on the grinding band at exactly the right angle so that the scissors will later seem to glide effortlessly through fabric or paper. Our employees are masters of their craft who see to each detail with care and devotion. Finally, every single piece is carefully examined once more before it is passed into the hands of its new owner.

The basis of our superior quality is simple and yet sophisticated: we use premium quality raw materials. Our scissors are crafted exclusively from special superior quality Solingen steel alloys.

The grind is the soul of a pair of scissors. For each individual use, we offer you a special grind. We grind most scissors by hand on traditional precision grinding machines – a procedure that requires great skill and experience. The handle of the scissors determines whether it rests comfortably in the hand and does not cause fatigue during cutting. The handles of forged scissors are made of stainless steel, they are formed in the embers in one piece together with the blades.

The fact that the two carefully prepared scissor blades come together to a harmo- nious whole pair of scissors which cut precisely and smoothly is due to our highly skilled assemblers. By hand, they place the two halves together, insert the bearing bushing and gently tighten the screw. Finally, the scissors are aligned once more. This assembly requires great sensitivity: this is when the scissors come to life.
When it comes to quality, we don’t do things by halves: before dispatch, every sin- gle pair of scissors is meticulously inspected to ensure perfect surfaces, flawless handles and smooth, precise operation. Only if they pass all these tests are the scissors ready for purchase.

Three factors distinguish a good pair of scissors: functionality, ergonomics and workmanship.
FUNCTIONALITY, of course, primarily means that a pair of scissors is sharp. This depends on the angle of the cutting edge — also known as the grind. Each area of use requires a different angle, and for optimum results we angle and grind our scissors by hand. However, even the sharpest pair of scissors would be useless if they were not comfortable to hold, so the principles of ERGONOMICS must be observed.
Our scissors can be opened and closed with a constant minimum of effort because we grind the inner surfaces of the blades on precision machinery. The shape of the handles and the eye of the scissors are tailored to suit the anatomy of the human hand. Functionality and ergonomics are the result of superior WORKMANSHIP. The surface of each scissors is smooth, meticulously ground and carefully brushed or polished. Friction is optimally adjusted and the inside of the scissors’ eye is de-burred and smooth.
When closed, the scissors’ tips fit perfectly on top of each other. Each pair of scissors is oiled and tested by hand for ease and sharpness of cut before being dispatched by Nippes. All of this is not a matter of course, but for us there is no other way. The quality of our scissors can be seen and felt.